Advocates for social justice, Rose Esserman Levin and Jule Levin helped to end racial segregation in Rome, Ga. During the civil rights era, Jule was president of the Rome Chamber of Commerce. When black activists began to sit-in and protest segregation at the city's downtown stores in 1963, he worked with other business owners to ensure a nonviolent settlement. Jule's wife Rose was active in the Georgia Council of Human Relations, and she fought against public school closings during the struggle over integration. She recorded the history of the movement in her manuscript entitled Voices of Protest.

Established to honor these instrumental civil rights leaders, the Rose Esserman Levin and Jule Levin Endowed Award for Social Justice is presented to a Berry College student whose actions best exemplify the ideal of social justice.

Eligibility to apply for the award is contingent on the applicant’s maintaining good academic standing. Applicants must submit an essay describing their social justice work with the winning recipient selected by the Chief Diversity and Belonging Officer.

The winner shall receive a printed copy of Voices of Protest along with a monetary award of $1,000.

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